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Real estate developer and construction company

Geosem Construction Crane
Geosem Construction Crane

Geosem is a company with more than 25 years of experience in the real estate market, developing luxury bespoke homes. Offering integral solutions for the construction of your house, exclusive and unique.
Positioned as one of the leading developer and construction companies in the Costa Blanca.  Owing to the high quality standards that Geosem demand and use in the construction of their homes.

Geosem is located in a highly competitive environment with a high level of demand. Despite the cyclical nature of the construction sector, over the years we have managed to consolidate ourselves as a financially sound and competitive company. Certainly thanks to a rigorous technical and economic control of our activity.



At the beginning of the nineties the company Gestión de Obras y Servicios del Mediterráneo “GEOSEM” was founded by Pedro J. Sánchez, current manager of the company, and his wife. In its first years of life, the company focused its field of action in the complete construction of houses and key ready projects.
Developing the activity with consolidated companies of the real estate sector like Urbanizadora Villamartin and important international clients.

To achieve success year after year, continuous human, technical and business growth was necessary. From a extensive experience in housing construction, with more than 50 projects developed and at least 1.500 homes executed; Geosem begins its developer activity with small housing developments, covering since then all the necessary phases for the creation of new homes: design, construction, promotion and sale.

Always maintaining the trajectory and professionalism shown over the years, through a strict commitment to the client along with a distinguished and discreet treatment. Due to a dynamic and efficient management of the company, success has been achieved in practically all the projects.

Over the years, the company has focused on the luxury segment. Carrying out exclusive promotions for the achievement of unique and unrepeatable homes. And this progress is to a great extent thanks to the level of excellence and quality exhibited in the homes executed.

Therefore, in the last decade, the objective of the company has focused on exceeding the expectations of our clients. Always being the top priority in the construction of the houses, the customer satisfaction.