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A description of what to do and see

Around 50 kilometres south of Alicante you will find Torrevieja, which is the 3rd largest city on Costa Blanca. Torrevieja has a population of 110.000 inhabitants. However, it is proven that every day a year more than 200.000 people are staying in Torrevieja. Torrevieja is a huge tourist magnet due to magnificent climate forced by the two salt lakes and mountains inland which creates a micro climate.

Until 1802 Torrevieja was more or less nothing more than a guard tower. Tower (torre in Spanish) has given the city the name today. Torrevieja means old tower in Spanish. Soon production of salt was moved to what is Torrevieja today. In 1829 an earthquake completely destroyed Torrevieja. First in 1931 Torrevieja was declared a city.

In 1991 Torrevieja had 25.000 inhabitants. Today Torrevieja has inhabitants from more than 100 countries. The last years Torrevieja has been undergoing a great reformation. Many streets have got new different tiles and street lights. New parks are being opened the famous and popular promenades are being expanded.

Below you can read about different popular things to do in Torrevieja.

Torrevieja video



All kinds

The city offer all kinds of different beaches. In the north of Torrevieja you will kilometers of sandy beaches in the “La Mata” area. Going further south you find minor beaches amongst the rocks. In the centre you will find 4 major beaches of “Playa de Los Locos”, “Playa del Cura”, Playa Acequion” and “Playa de los Naufragos”.


Boat trips

Going to Pirate Island?

From the port of you can take different kind of boat trips. You can either take go fishing with the fishing boats or take a trip to the former pirate island, Tabarca. Sailing to Tabarca takes around one hour. Some of the boats have “glass bottom”, from where you can enjoy the wonders of the deep. A trip to Tabarca normally includes lunch and welcome drink.



Tapas or Gourmet?

In Torrevieja you will able find all kind of foods. Everything from snacks and sandwiches on the beach bars to the local tapas bars and restaurants to gourmet meals. Two times a year the town hall arranges “the tapas route” where around 80 restaurants participate. Each restaurant offers two different plates of “tapas” and drinks for only 2 og 2.5 euros. Amongst the most popular restaurants are El Muelle on the beach promenade, Barlovento in Torre La Mata, Fusion in La Mata and El Meson de la Costa.



Torrevieja Sports City

With more than 320 days of sun a year, the area has the perfect climate for practising all kinds of sport. The “Sports City” of Torrevieja offers a great variety of facilities for anyone at all levels to practice their sports. On 300.000 m2 you will find football and rugby fields, 10 tennis courts and 8 paddle tennis courts, athletics stadium, indoor and outdoor swimming facilities and much more.

Click here to see a video from Torrevieja Sports City



On the Sea front

One of the things Torrevieja is known for is the many kilometres of promenades. All year around you will find people walking, jogging or running the many promenades in Torrevieja. In the centre you will find many restaurants and bars on the promenades. On the Vista Alegre promenade there are different exhibitions and minor concerts.



All the heart desire

In Torrevieja you will find lots of shops in the centre. The centre offers not only clothing shops, but also lots of other niche shops. The shops in the centre of Torrevieja normally closes midday from 14 to 17 during the siesta hours, and then opens again from 17.00 till 20 –  21.00. Outside the centre you will find Habaneras Shopping Centre. Here you will find more than 50 different shops – open all year around from 10.00 – 22.00.



Not one but three...

Torrevieja offers not just one but three marinas. Initially the Royal Sailing Club (Real Club Nautico) opened in 1966. Later came Marina International and finally came Marina Salinas. You can enjoy the lovely surrroundings in Marina International and Marina Salinas, while Club Nautico is for members only. With the Marina Salinas open, Torrevieja now offers more than 2.500 boat spaces – the biggest in the Valencia region.

Real Club Nautico Marina International  Marina Salinas


Salt lakes

A pink lake and a lagoon

Since the 19th century there has been salt production in Torrevieja. When you drive past Torrevieja on either the motorway or the N-332 you can see the big white salt mountains. The salt production is only made from one of the lakes – the pink lake. During the day when the sun is shining on the lake, you will notice it changes colour. The other lake (laguna de La Mata) is protected area. The nature is untouched around the lake, and creates the perfect area for hiking.


Submarine S-61

A museum

Have you ever wondered what the the inside of a submarine looks like? Here you can see for yourself. The “S-61” submarine Delfin submarine is a gift from the Spanish army to the town of Torrevieja. It’s the first floating museum in Torrevieja. The Delfin is far from the only museum in Torrevieja. Among the other ones is the “Salt Museum”.

27 Feb 2014, Barcelona, Spain --- Market stall selling exotic fruits, fruit, mushrooms and vegetables, old market halls, Mercat de La Boqueria, also Mercat de Sant Josep, La Rambla, Barcelona, ​​Catalonia, Spain, Europe --- Image by © Justus de Cuveland/imagebroker/Corbis


Wednesdays and Fridays

The last many years the city has had one of the biggest one day markets in Europe. Each Friday a great part of the centre has been closed from 04.00 – 16.00. The market has since the 12th May 2017 been moved to a huge area between the waterpark “Aquopolis” and Torrevieja Sports City outside the centre. You will furthermore find a market every wednesday in La Mata. You will furthermore find markets in Playa Flamenca in Orihuela Costa every Saturday and on Sundays in El Raso, Guardamar and El Zoco next to the motorway and Ciudad Quesada.